Metal Caskets


Metal Caskets are selected for their durability. These caskets can be made from semi-precious metals, bronze or copper.  They are also made from stainless steel and different thickness of carbon metals ranging from 16 gauge, which is the heaviest, 18 gauge or 20 gauge.  The interior fabric of either velvet or crepe is the next factor in construction and cost. You may choose a color or theme to reflect special times in your loved ones life.

Wood Caskets

Wood Caskets are purchased for their beauty and warmth. Each casket is unique like your loved one, each with its own color and graining pattern.  Wood in common in many homes and each specie can reflect a memory of a certain area in your home. Interior fabrics are created from velvet or crepe and custom embroidery and colors can add special meaning.  Most caskets may be purchased in either half open lid (as shown) or full open top.

Cremation Caskets

Caskets used for a visitation and service may be traditional wood caskets or ceremonial caskets (rental).  Our funeral homes offer both options to the families we serve by either purchasing a casket or a casket rental.

Burial Vaults


Cremation urns are fashioned from several different materials which including artisan glass, porcelain, wood, bronze and metal, marble and marbelon.  Each has its own unique design and with many different striking shapes, sizes, colors and finishes plus added personalization will capture the spirit of your loved one. The final placement of the urn will also be a factor in your decision.


Urn Burial Vaults

If you plan a ground burial for the urn, some cemeteries require urn vaults. These also come in different levels of protection and add choices of color, style and personalization.

Cemetery Monuments

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