Funeral Options

Traditional Funeral Service:

Traditional funeral service is following a way of doing something that has been passed down throughout the generations.  There is belief in value and is considered the proper thing to do. At the Joseph W Scotchlas Funeral Home and Oliver Shifler & Scotchlas Funeral Home we place great value on tradition. Traditional funeral services has four parts, a visitation (open or closed casket), a formal service ( this does not have to be religious), transfer of the deceased and burial or mausoleum entombment.

Included in our traditional funerals are the following services we complete: We are available 24 hours, transfer from the place of death, family consultation, securing and filing a death certificate, coordination with clergy, cemeteries, burial vault company and newspapers. We will notify Social Security, filing of veteran benefits, conduct embalming, dressing and casketing of deceased. Use of our funeral home facilities, parking lots, hearse transfer and necessary staff, flower receiving and placement are also included.

We offer two types of Traditional Services:

  1. Traditional Service with the Visitation on one day and Funeral Service is held either at a church or the funeral home the next day. Family and friends usually go in procession to the cemetery for burial following the service.
  2. One day traditional service has a period of visitation prior to the funeral service and burial. The visitation, funeral service and burial are all conducted in one day.  However, the deceased may be moved from the funeral home to a church for service and then to the cemetery for burial,


A traditional funeral service will require the following merchandise:

  1. A casket
  2. A burial vault or Mausoleum Crypt
  3. Cemetery marker or memorial
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