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Why  Pre-Plan?

Funeral Pre-Planning has become increasingly accepted and appreciated. You lived your entire life by your own standards and pre-planning allows you to have a final word.

  1. Reflects your own personal wishes for funeral
  2. Relieves your family from the burden of decision making at a time of high stress
  3. Removes a financial pressure from your family


Funeral Pre-Planning allows the planner choices in the funeral, service, burial or cremation that they wish. It makes the service more memorable to your family knowing they are following your wishes and it can allow for more personal experience at the time of death.  Pre-Payment allows the planner to select the cost amount for the services and provides a vehicle for funding with payment at a later time.

Burial insurance is one method of financing funeral services and allows for a policy issue at most ages and regardless of your current medical condition. The money is Irrevocably set aside and meets state requirements for SSI prior to nursing home placement.

You can begin the process of planning long before you are close to death or become more proactive if the death is inevitable. Completing the following form is the first step.

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