Cremation Options:

Cremation has increased over the years as a viable option for families seeking a simpler and lower cost method of service while still honoring a life that has been lived.  When considering cremation remember that the gathering with your loved one present is an opportunity for closure and still honoring their wish for cremation.  Cremation itself is the method in which the body is reduced to cremains “ashes”.  We offer four standard choices for cremation services.   A Cremation Casket and Urn selection is required with these options. The final placement of your loved ones ashes is a personal preference*. They may be buried, entombed in a niche, placed at sea or his / her favorite place.

** The Catholic Church states “ The cremated remains should be buried in a grave or entombed in a mausoleum or columbarium.”

Cremation with Traditional Services

​This includes service with funeral director and staff, visitation hours before and prior to any service, a service at the funeral home or a church of your preference. Floral tributes will be displayed, printed memorial products will be distributed and a tribute video shown if you desire.

It would also include items as: local transportation of deceased to the funeral home, arrangements with family, embalming, dressing and casketing, use of funeral home facilities, hearse transfer, coordination with clergy or speakers and cemetery or crematory, placement of obituaries, securing a signed death certificate and filing with the state for appropriate permits.



Cremation with Family Visitation


This allows the immediate family an opportunity to “say goodbye” and have closure.  The hour allows the family to be with the body of your loved one. The deceased is not embalmed, is dressed and placed into a simple casket.  This generally occurs within 24 hours after the passing. Cremation follows and many times a memorial service at a later date.




Memorial Service

A Memorial Service is a gathering where the family and friends celebrate a life that was lived.  It allows for memories to be shared.  Many times it can include music, poetry, photos or video and printed memorials.  The service may be held at the funeral home or another location that has special meaning to the deceased and family. It may be religious but does not have to be and a theme that represents the interests of the deceased will add to the meaning to those present.





Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation is referred to when there is no service or gathering with the body present.  By law in Pennsylvania it cannot occur until at least 24 hours after the death.  Once the death certificate is completed and filed with the state and appropriate authorizations are secured for the state and local county coroner then cremation will take place. The family will have met with the funeral director to provide biographical information and sign required documents.  Many times this is followed by a Memorial Service.



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